Butterfly Count

Butterfly Count

We like butterflies and dragonflies as well as birds at PV Audubon. Volunteers are needed to survey parks and canyons. We also welcome butterfly and dragonfly lovers who are willing just to count the butterflies in their yard on the count day.

Spring Count Saturday, April 13, 2024

Summer Count Saturday, July 13, 2024

If you would like to participate in either the Spring or Summer Count, contact Kim Moore at kims.sight@verizon.net.

Every year, we hold two Butterfly Counts similar in design to the winter Christmas Bird Count. The Spring Count is in April and the Summer Count is in July. As in the Christmas Bird Count, the aim is to count all the butterflies that are seen on the Count Day within the count circle. The count circle used for the butterfly count is the same circle used for the PV Christmas Bird Count—a circle which extends east to the Los Angeles River, north to Alondra Park, west to Santa Monica Bay, and south to the Catalina Channel.

The PV July Butterfly Count is just one of about 450 Butterfly Counts in North America. The results are collected by us and given to the North American Butterfly Association. Their annually published reports provide a tremendous amount of information about the geographical distribution and relative population sizes of North American butterfly species. Comparisons of the results across years can be used to monitor changes in butterfly populations and study the effects of weather and habitat change.

We are inviting observers who are familiar with (or would like to become familiar with) the local dragonflies, to count dragonflies and damselflies during the Spring and Summer Butterfly Counts.

Resources for counters

For the counters

Instructions to Counters (pdf)

Butterfly Count Form/Checklist (pdf)

Dragonfly Count Form/Checklist (pdf)

Complete list of butterflies recorded in the PV count circle (pdf)

Picture Reference Guides

Guide to South Bay Butterflies (pdf)

iNaturalist Butterflies in the Count Circle (webpage)

Description to distinguish special blues (pdf)

Guide to South Bay Dragonflies & Damselflies (pdf)

Additional Dragonflies of the South Bay (pdf)

iNaturalist Dragonflies in the Count Circle (webpage)

Butterfly Count Data

Spring 2023 (pdf) • Summer 2023 (pdf)

Summary of Summer Butterfly Counts 1981 to Present (pdf)

Summary of Spring Butterfly Counts 2019 to Present (pdf)

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