Our relationship with ADOPTA

Adopt a Panama Rainforest–ADOPTA for short–is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that was created to promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests (website here). With the generous support of dedicated students and volunteers, they use a research-focused approach to protect vulnerable species and habitats to improve the quality of ecosystem services. Their direct actions are further supported by educational initiatives and community outreach programs to increase public awareness and gratitude towards the environment.

An excerpt from their website: “La Asociación ADOPTA Bosque Panamá (ADOPTA) es una organización no gubernamental dedicada a la conservación de los ecosistemas únicos de Panamá. A través de donaciones y esfuerzos voluntarios, estamos trabajando para proteger las maravillas naturales de Panamá y educar al público sobre la importancia del neotrópico.”

PV/SB Audubon supports Adopta through funding as well as spreading public awareness of the program via our website, publication, and members. After one particular fund raising event in 2020, an Audubon member was selected by draw to name a a plant species newly discovered on the ADOPTA preserve (Dieffenbachia mortoniana). Evi Meyer was selected, who named the new discovery after our chapter founder, Jess Morton.

For the full story surrounding the naming of Dieffenbachia mortoniana, and PV/SB Audubon’s relationship with ADOPTA, click HERE for a short article.

You can follow Adopta’s activities and announcements via their Facebook page.

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